How To

This documentation relates to a previous version of AUSkey for Linux, the new version is in the process of being released and when it is, the documentation here will be updated.

Without documentation, nothing works. As discussions on the forum evolve, the documentation created by the community will be stored here for those users who would like to have access to "the combined wisdom" represented by the community.

If you have a document you'd like to publish, please send it to the forum for discussion and a moderator will post it here after the community has reviewed it.

The original purpose of this site and community was to discuss the installation of the Australian Government AUSkey (and predecessor CSI) authentication software.

How to use AUSkey under Linux

As of March 2014, AUSkey is now automatically supported under Firefox. To make it work:
  • This assumes that you have a directory called ~/AUSkey which contains a keystore.xml file. It is your authentication token and can be obtained from the ATO using the instructions here:
  • Chromium is currently not supported
  • This has only been tested with Oracle Java 7.51