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Firefox version 52 will break Linux support

posted 28 Feb 2017, 00:13 by Onno Benschop

At this time I can advise you that Linux will continue to be a supported platform for the ATO. This is great news!

As you may know, currently the AUSkey infrastructure relies on Java to authenticate. As of Firefox version 52 [1][2], legacy plugins using NPAPI technology will stop working. If you've been playing for a while you'll recall that this is also true for Chrome which discontinued support for NPAPI a year and a half ago [4].

This is essentially why the ATO software stopped working under Chrome on Linux and will stop with version 52 of Firefox.

This same change has happened under Windows and OS X. Fortunately, the solution that exists for Windows (and OS X) will also apply to Linux. This has as a side-benefit that both Firefox and Chrome will be supported under Linux. In addition, Chrome compatible browsers such as Vivaldi and Opera are also expected to be supported.

Until this is released we have several options:
  • While AUSkey is still working on your machine, you can link MyGov to the ATO and bypass the AUSkey authentication process. If AUSkey no longer works on your machine, you can as a once-off, use a Windows machine to do the linking. (Well spotted Rob!)
  • If you don't upgrade Firefox to version 52, AUSkey will continue to work.
  • If you move to Firefox ESR [3] (Extended Support Release), you can continue to use NPAPI plug-ins until early 2018.

I have also been advised that the shared object file that Michael and Jayen discovered is code that does the authentication to AUSkey. In the past, this was achieved by a plug-in written by Oracle, which if you recall required installation prior to use - and instructions to achieve this formed the origins for this mailing list and the FAQ.

At this time I'm not able to tell you when this will roll-out, just that it exists today and that it's coming.


Public Release

posted 13 Apr 2011, 17:49 by Onno Benschop   [ updated 13 Apr 2011, 17:52 ]

After lots of time has passed – a reflection on my workload rather than interest, I've finally got something to show and tell.

I've spent some time discussing this with the AUSkey developers at the ATO and together we've come up with the following idea:

Create a place where users can come to find out about AUSkey and Linux. It is expected to become a place that new users can come for information and a place where ATO support can direct community support questions.

I've created a web-site, a mailing list and updated my original CSI on Linux documents to reflect the current AUSkey environment.

Note that this is intended to be a community effort, so I'm expecting brickbats and bouquets from all who enter.

Feel free to email me directly,, or subscribe to the list. Note that the only subscriber right now is me, but I hope and expect that to change.

I've been given commitment from ATO individuals that they will be participating, but you should know up front that this is intended to be a technical discussion only, so don't expect to find information about how to lodge your BAS or run your business :)

For those of you who have helped me personally over the years, thank you for your support and encouragement.

If you have concerns or questions, post to the list, or send me an email.

Onno Benschop – ITmaze


posted 20 Feb 2011, 23:41 by Onno Benschop   [ updated 20 Feb 2011, 23:45 ]

As use of AUSkey under Linux increases, a central location for knowledge and support for the wider community seems like a good idea.

Since I have benefited from the assistance of other members of the Linux community, I have created this place on the 'net where users and developers might coordinate their efforts in making  Linux support for AUSkey more effective.

So without further ado, welcome, read, write and authenticate!

Onno Benschop, 21 February, 2010

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